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DR Systems, the privately held supplier of PACS, RIS and EHR systems based in San Diego—a highly regarded fixture in the radiology IT space for close to a quarter-century—has been acquired for $70 million by publicly traded Merge Healthcare.

 - Michael Trambert

Michael Trambert, MD, had long suspected the workflow reporting automation made possible by the tightly integrated PACS/RIS/VR solution used by the Santa Barbara Radiology Medical Group (SBRMC) was saving him about an hour each day. A two-pronged study1 presented at the recent meeting of the RSNA confirmed that the conjectured efficiencies were even greater than he thought—adding up to 75 minutes per day.

 - Bradley Erickson

Databases, including that of a RIS, are fine for managing simple, linear workflows: Think scheduling, completing and interpreting exams. If you add in a step that makes things just a bit more complex—even something as seemingly basic as checking if the patient is in hospital or at home and needs an appointment reminder—then the works can quickly gum up.

 - Garry Choy

More than three-quarters of private radiology groups, some 76%, are actively marketing themselves on Facebook, Twitter and the like. Less than a third of academic radiology departments (28%) are following suit—but that’s likely to change, and soon.

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At the current rate of innovation in healthcare and technology, how do we keep our kids informed of the types of careers available to them?