- ConnCapitol

Earlier this year, Connecticut cut Medicaid reimbursement rates for OB-GYN and radiology. In June, the Nutmeg State’s general assembly voted to restore the former in large part but the latter barely at all. Some say the radiology cut—$4.45 million, a whopping 42.5%—will block access to care for many patients who need it most.

 - SwampedMedStu

Intensifying pressure to meet accreditation competencies. Heated calls from consumer groups for absolute transparency in medical costing and decision-making. The exploding displacement of fee-for-service by riskier, ever-more-frugal payment models. It’s enough to chase a modern medical student into another line of work.

 - MrKomori

Healthcare managers challenged to adjust to the foundational changes transforming their industry might do well to take a page—literally—from a titan of the consumer business world. 

 - FunnyDoc

“The one thing Democrats and Republicans agree about is mammograms: We need more, not less, screening. Meanwhile, screening has become radiology’s raison d’être, the treatment effect, the proof that imaging saves lives, the link between the radiologist in a dark room and the people.”

 - VirtualMan1

Wearing 3-D glasses and brandishing styluses, students at a small medical school are dissecting holograms of virtual body systems in ways they can’t when using actual human cadavers.