- cancer

Most knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in cancer treatment draws from the meager 3 percent of cancer patients who participate in clinical trials. A new partnership between the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and SAP, the German software giant, looks to leverage “big data” to glean insights from the other 97 percent. 

 - Steth and Piggy

Giving patients unrestricted, on-demand access to primary-care doctors for a fixed monthly fee cuts overall care costs by almost 20 percent while also improving patient satisfaction.

 - Paul Chang, MD

Paul J. Chang, MD, loves live jazz, hates the ballet—and extends his taste to two different means of wringing useful business intelligence from medical imaging informatics.

 - Doctor and computer

In ancient Roman times, all roads led to Rome. From one monument in central Rome, all roads began and distances were measured. Today, the patient is at the center of care—with success measured in wellness, improved outcomes, reduced variability, increased quality and higher patient engagement and patient satisfaction scores. Monumental for sure. But how do we make the patient journey better and how do radiology departments engage to help the process? Global radiology leaders weigh in.

 - Doctor Slapping Forehead

Propelled by mass wariness of malpractice lawsuits, defensive medicine has crossed the Atlantic on a suprising scale.