- Vermont

The Green Mountain State is in the news for more than the entry of Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders into the 2016 race for president. A pilot healthcare-delivery project there experiments with removing a rule currently requiring patients to get pre-approval from their health plans for MRIs. 

 - ShinyMRI

Perception: The dose wars and the slice wars are so five years ago, and imaging equipment isn’t where the action is anymore, anyway. Everyone is extending life cycles until scanners are about driven into the ground. You want action in radiology? Look to big data, analytics, informatics and other “wonders-of-computing” spheres. 

 - SaveBig

Is flat-rate pricing the wave of the future for outpatient radiology? One large practice in the Midwest is going to find out.

 - HurtFootball

Football injuries to NFL players have given the game a black eye. But now some good is coming of the risk, and it has much to do with a promising use of CT imaging.

 - EyeContact3

A recent analysis of Nebraska’s cancer register has shown a troubling level of racial disparity in survivorship among breast-cancer patients.