- Longmont United Hospital

As the healthcare industry continues to expand and implementation of federal mandates on the transition to electronic medical records continues, the role of information systems managers within healthcare operations is becoming understandably more influential.

 - Joe Cermin, CEO, Viztek

Viztek is on a roll. In early January, the Garner, N.C.-based radiology vendor won FDA approval for Exa, its web-based, zero-footprint PACS platform.

 - Star Valley Medical Center

Today every forward-thinking radiology practice realizes that, in these times of falling reimbursement, rising regulatory oversight and cascading calls for transparency, it’s not enough to be great at what you do.

 - LighteningHeart

When it comes to imaging the heart to detect coronary disease and other disorders of the ticker, cardiac PET/CT makes SPECT look silly just for trying. And that’s just on the clinical front. It’s got its economic attributes too.    

 - BleedingDollars

The U.S. healthcare system stands to save $8 billion a year just by going electronic with six routine business transactions. But realizing the thrift will take an ongoing commitment by all healthcare stakeholders—providers, payers, vendors and government.