And He Plays the Ukulele, Too
Jay Mazurowski, CRA
In between juggling, balancing, and contortionist acts, outgoing AHRA president Penny Olivi, MBA, CRA, announced the newly elected AHRA officers for 2010: Debra Lopez, CRA, president Roland W. Rhynus, CRA, president elect Terry Dowd CRA, FAHRA, director Kevin Hendrickson, CRA, director Ernie Stewart, CRA, director Ed Yoder, CRA, director AHRA’s highest award, the Gold Medal, was bestowed on radiology administrator and popular ukulele player Jay Mazurowski, CRA, who made a touching tribute to the man who gave him his first job in hospital administration, Pete Bartalowski. “The first thing Pete did was tell me I had to join the AHRA,” Mazurowski. ‘He knew membership in this organization was critical to succeeding in radiology administration.” “Pay attention to the people and things that matter and make a difference along the way,” was Mazurowski’s sage advice.