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Cat Vasko
 - Cindy Hardin, Executive Director, Infrastructure Product Management, Imaging and Workflow Solutions, McKesson

Preparing for the paradigm shift to value-based care remains a topic of intense focus and discussion while the concept continues to be defined in a meaningful way, according to Cindy Hardin, executive director, Infrastructure Product Management in imaging and workflow solutions at McKesson. 

 - NJ Radiology Groups Launch Partnership

Radiology practices have long sought a solution to the consolidation occurring in their marketplaces, as well as the commoditization happening in their midst. The fundamental problem is delivering ever-higher levels of service and quality with diminished resources.

 - Curtis Kaufman-Pickelle

Radiology’s current environment has often been described as a perfect storm—but Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle, publisher of ImagingBiz and president/CEO of the Kauffman Group, sees it differently. “Some of the current market conditions are negative and some are positive, but combined, they create a significant opportunity,” he says.


 - Ray Montecalvo, MD, Medical Director for Virtual Radiologic (vRad)

Ray Montecalvo, MD, medical director for Virtual Radiologic (vRad), describes the key benefit of radiology analytics simply: they take emotion out of the equation. 

 - Meadville Medical Center

When Meadville Medical Center (MMC), Meadville, Pa., decided in 2013 to replace its legacy PACS, the 235-bed facility faced an issue common to community hospitals nationwide.

 - David Hirschorn, MD
Mobile computing—via smart phones, tablets and, increasingly, wearable devices like smart watches—is increasing exponentially.
 - Safwan Halabi, MD

As the federal meaningful use incentive program has progressed, its direct impact on the practice of radiology has intensified through the addition of provisions specific to the utilization and sharing of medical images.


 - Interoperability

It’s a question often posed by thought-leaders and end-users in the imaging community: What prevents health IT from working as seamlessly, and with as much interoperability, as the technology that drives banking, travel or e-commerce?

 - David Myrice, CPA, MPA

The most common approach to succession planning among radiology practices is no approach at all, according to David Myrice, CPA, MBA, director of practice management for Zotec Partners.

 - Healthcare in the Cloud

Consolidation in the imaging world is often viewed as problematic—but shifting market forces can create opportunities to improve patients’ access to care, points out Kevin Collins, vice president of product management with Sectra.