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David Myrice, CPA, MBA
The oft-repeated truism that you cannot change what you cannot measure has a less frequently repeated corollary: You get what you measure. This has been a hard-learned lesson for radiology practices, many of which—empowered with detailed information on radiologists’ productivity—have linked some portion of compensation to work RVUs. Practices are
The decision to outsource a radiology practice’s billing can be emotionally fraught. Many practices have historically employed sizable in-house billing departments, and though the decision to outsource might appear simple from an economic perspective, when it comes to putting people out of work, administrators understandably blanch. Further, while
Radiology practices trying to recruit the most promising young talent—particularly those facing the retirement of multiple baby-boom–generation radiologists—will inevitably face decisions related to benefits planning. The most contentious of these might be the practice’s retirement-plan offering, as the recent vagaries of the stock market have
There are multiple factors that might lead a radiology group to consider restructuring, but the majority of changes to a group’s governance are prompted by breakdowns in communication. This issue becomes particularly prevalent as groups expand; a single-site, hospital-based group of radiologists is able to handle critical decision making in a