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Laura Pedulli
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Cardiovascular Business

Biomarker testing may allay concerns yet provide little clinical benefit. Eliminating unneeded tests can save big bucks, one hospital has shown.

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Clinical Innovation + Technology

The move from the ICD-9 codeset to ICD-10 has been in the works for years. Assuming it actually happens this fall, are you ready?

 - Data
Clinical Innovation + Technology

With a timeline for value-based payment now in play, healthcare delivery organizations must start putting their data to good use.

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Health Exec

Quality of care for heart attacks and other conditions is determined in large part by decisions made in a hospital’s board room, according to a story in The New York Times.

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Health Exec

Ten hospitals in California were hit with administrative penalties totaling $700,000 due to medical errors.

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Health Exec

Evidence suggests that hospital productivity has lagged behind other industries, but a study published in Health Affairs concludes that the opposite is true.

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Health Exec

A new fleet of robots gracing the halls of the University of California, San Francisco hospital has inspired mixed feelings in a writer at Wired


 - Nursing IT
Health Exec

Patients discharged from higher-quality hospitals or who received care in higher-quality nursing homes are less likely to be readmitted to a hospital within 30 days, according to a study published in AMJC Managed Markets Network.

 - Data Breach
Health Exec

An Indiana mental health organization has disclosed the breach of 45,000 patients' records after one of its providers failed to encrypt laptops containing clients' medical data and Social Security numbers, reports Clinical Innovation + Technology.

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Health Exec

States are cracking down on so-called physician dispensing of prescription drugs, or creating novel dosages of old drugs to get around cost controls on traditional ones, reports The New York Times.