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Mark F. Weiss, JD
Mark F. Weiss is an attorney who specializes in the business and legal issues affecting physicians and physician groups on a national basis.
 - future and past
Radiology Business

Professional, business, and regulatory paradigm shifts occurring in interventional radiology present a new opportunity for interventional radiologists and their groups: Profiting from ownership of interventional radiology ambulatory surgery centers (“irASCs”).

 - Mark F. Weiss, JD

Imagine if you could image the future. You’d see the exact path your radiology group must take to protect, and expand, its business. You’d be safe, secure and satisfied.

Radiology Business

Imagine that your practice has been barreling down the health-care highway for years. Now, though, there’s a T intersection straight ahead, with one route leading to completely commoditized health care and the other (the road far less traveled) leading to high-touch, high-quality care—to an experience monopoly. This is a monopoly in terms of the