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Mark Weiss
In an article last August (OIG Disapproves Two Referral Arrangements as Kickbacks), I addressed the issue of kickbacks disguised as management fees and in the form of the so-called "company model."
Neckties get wider, then narrower, then wider again. The tides come in and out and in again. And society cycles round and round from an emphasis on, and worship of, rugged individualism, to an emphasis on, and lauding of, community and cooperation.
Like a neutron bomb, national or large regional groups wants to take over your facility contract, vaporize your group, and cherry-pick its desirable assets: some of your radiologists.
A recent OIG Advisory Opinion (No. 12-06) proves once again that you can't make a silk purse from a pig's ear: A disguised kickback is still a kickback.
In an organization, we tend to be judged for what we decide to do, not for what we decide not to do.
If the hospitals at which your group provides services haven't already approached you and your fellow members of the medical staff about ACO formation, the chances are high that they will in the not too distant future.
Did you notice that the Super Bowl was all about radiology group success?