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Mary Tierney
Vice President & Chief Content Officer, TriMed Media Group
Mary joined TriMed Media in 2002. She was the founding editor and editorial director of Health Imaging, Cardiovascular Business, Molecular Imaging Insight and CMIO, now known as Clinical Innovation + Technology. Prior to TriMed, Mary was the editorial director of HealthTech Publishing Company, where she had worked since 1991. While there, she oversaw four magazines and related online media, and piloted the launch of two magazines and websites. Mary holds a master’s in journalism from Syracuse University. She lives in East Greenwich, R.I., and when not working, she is usually running around after her family, taking photos or cooking.
 - University Hospitals, Cleveland, Ohio

University Hospitals in Cleveland is half of the way through implementing a true enterprise image-management solution—a.k.a. VNA (vendor neutral archive)—and one key insider sees the advance as “a huge goldmine for patient care.”

 - cloud

Achieving unprecedented clinical and business efficiencies. Winning new business. Brandishing vanguard-level technology prowess while employing zero IT staff. Such are the returns mid-size radiology practices are realizing from their selection of the cloud-based, hardware-agnostic IRP/Plexus Imaging Workflow Management system.

 - Telemedicine

Any distributed workflow solution worth its salt helps radiologists work at the top of their clinical skill set, maximize their productivity and fully integrate their workflow with that of the rest of their practice—and, ultimately, with the workflow of the ordering physician, practice or provider organization.

 - Mary Tierney (Square)

We all know good chemistry makes good relationships. But did you know chemistry has everything to do with having a good day—right down to thinking more clearly, getting more done and making meetings more productive?

 - Mary Tierney (Square)

It was Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell who popularized the concept that it takes roughly 10,000 hours to achieve mastery in a field. Success is about practice, diligence and time. But when it comes to transformation and change in business, healthcare and life, it isn’t time but attitude that matters most.

 - Mary Tierney (Square)

Finding a happy place at work may seem like mismatch—or if you are lucky, the norm. In healthcare, we strive to keep patients happy. Happy providers make happy patients. But sometimes we need some help in boosting our own happiness.

 - Mary Tierney

The other day I saw this headline and stopped. “The Art and Science of Doing Nothing.”

 - Sectra pathology

When it comes to diagnosing cancer, radiologists examine digital images and pathologists scrutinize slides. Only occasionally do the two collaborate prior to meetings of the tumor board or multidisciplinary team (MDT).

 - Mary Tierney

When there is conflict and tension at work, do you fight, take flight or let it fester?

 - Mary Tierney

Mammography is making headlines again with the recently released United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) draft breast cancer screening recommendations—bookended by a humbling prediction from the National Cancer Institute that breast cancer cases could increase by 50 percent over the next 15 years.