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Matthew Skoufalos
As Massachusetts joins the ranks of states weighing legislation requiring mammography patients to be informed if they have dense breast tissue, the state also is streamlining the process by requiring imaging facilities—not physicians—to communicate information about breast density to patients at the completion of a mammogram.
With the intention of establishing “a safety organization that can serve as a national model,” Strategic Radiology (SR) of Palmetto is seeking formal AHRQ certification for its new Patient Safety Organization (PSO)
How much would an extra $44,000 government stipend mean to your radiology practice? Would it be enough to cover the hassle of diving into the attestation to meaningful use of health IT? To date, many practices have declined to participate, according to David Avrin, MD, PhD, of the University of California–San Francisco. On September 9, in San
The upstate New York radiology practice acquires local imaging group, inks major contract with insurance providers.
The scope of a 2010 whistleblower suit filed against Adventist Health System broadened this week to include ER imaging.
Litton and Giddings Radiological Associates acted fast when paper billing records were recycled without first being shredded.
The impact of the Robert Smith-FDA whistleblower scandal has a farther reach than the stigma of internal spying, argues a Forbes op/ed piece.
In May, the FDA¹ released for public comment a guidance document intended to ensure that manufacturers’ imaging devices are either suited for pediatric use or labeled with a warning that cautions against use in pediatric populations.
Two years after an FDA inspection ordered the closure of the Bedford, OH, plant of its partner, Ben Venue Laboratories (BVL), Lantheus Medical Imaging has the facility back up and resuming production of its DEFINITY ultrasound contrast media.
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) awarded $8.4 million to the Alarum Institute, a consulting group headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, to help limit unnecessary medical imaging in Southeast Michigan.