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Steve Smith
Shift of dollars toward primary care is another sign that change is happening to radiology rather than radiology being the field leading changes in health care
Meetings are part of a detrimental development in medical imaging that I will call “e-management,” which is managing people and processes by meetings, conference calls, e-mail, text and intranet. E-management does nothing more than offer us the illusion that we are making progress when we are not

Mention the term “workflow” and a common response is a roll of the eyes. That’s because the medical imaging facilities that have not yet achieved optimal workflow are experiencing extreme frustration while the facilities that have constructed reliable, systematic workflow are always looking for more.

Over the past five years, leaders on both the clinical and business sides of radiology have learned the hard way that adaptability and flexibility are prized qualities required for survival.

Over the past five years, medical imaging enterprises have learned the hard way that adaptability and flexibility are prized qualities required for survival. They have weathered reimbursement cuts, increased scrutiny and the general feeling that they are ceding control of their businesses to outside agencies with agendas and motivations far different than theirs. What was once a smooth operation providing key medical information is now a daily battle to maintain viability.

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Medical practices that once focused almost solely on the quality of care are increasingly including profitability and long-term viability in their strategic plans.

 - Paul Chang, MD

On September 8, at the California Radiological Society’s 2012 Annual Meeting & Leadership Summit in San Francisco, Paul Chang, MD, presented “Developing and Deploying Business Dashboards and Scorecards in Radiology.”

 - David L. Smith, FACMPE

To many people, the evolution of the US health-care system is something taking place through the legislative process—in particular, the 2010 passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

While you are patting yourself on the back for finding a cheaper source for scrubs, your top referrers are wondering why they no longer hear from you. In time, you become irrelevant to them and all the bottom-line savings you’ve created serve only to forestall your demise. That may read like a stark or unrealistic scenario, but it’s happening to a former client
Despite increased oversight, declining reimbursements, and other broadsides that have hit medical imaging over the past few years, growth opportunities are available. One commonly overlooked source of scan volume and the resulting revenue is the lien patient.