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Will Latham, MBA
Will Latham, MBA, Charlotte, N.C., assists medical groups in decision-making and conflict resolution. He is a CPA and frequent speaker at local, state, national and specialty-specific healthcare conferences;
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Radiology Business

As the changes in healthcare accelerate, many radiology groups are operating without an agreed upon plan to cope with external pressures and improve the performance of their organization. It appears that, for many groups, hope is their strategy.

Radiology Business

Imaging providers are well aware of the many challenges that radiology groups are facing today. Considering all of the various external threats, one is reminded of the motto sometimes attributed to Blackbeard (Edward Teach, 1680–1718): The floggings will continue until morale improves. It is in this environment that many radiology groups must

Radiology Business
In despair at the way its programs were organized, the business school at one university recruited as the director of programs a successful businessman, who had made a modest fortune in his own business and wanted to move on to a new career. ‘I will soon put some order in this place,’ he thought and said. He wrote memoranda to the academics laying