Happy Noises (Send us Your Upbeat Stories)
imageMonday morning typically is the first hurdle of the workweek, but this week was different. I opened one of the three newspapers that show up every morning in my driveway and there, on the front page of one of them, was the smiling face of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), wearing a new close-cropped coif, a bright light beaming from her face. That inspirational image of one woman overcoming what many considered insurmountable odds powered me through a challenging morning. Already it is Friday, and waiting in my inbox this morning was another upbeat story, this one from a public relations firm for an outpatient imaging company based in Flint, Michigan, that offered free screening mammograms for up to 50 women who had been impacted by unemployment or were otherwise unable to pay for a mammogram. This was in recognition of National Women’s Health Week. According to the release, 41 women took Regional Medical Imaging’s offer, and when they arrived at the practice’s Lennon Road office, they not only received a mammogram, but were offered massages, mini-manicures, and paraffin hand treatments by participating local vendors, then went home with a gift bag. According to breast imager Nanci Mercer, MD, who donated her reading services, many of the women had put off mammograms for years, and 10% required additional follow-up. The radiologic technologists also donated their time. As the drumbeat of downbeat news (and yes, we do our part in delivering that, too) threatens to mire radiology in a contagious funk, we here at ImagingBiz want to hear your upbeat stories. Why? Because we need to hear them, and we suspect that you do as well. We want to do our part to remind policy makers, referring physicians, and patients of the frequently anonymous contribution that radiology makes to the advancement of public health. So send us your upbeat stories, stories about patients you have saved, innovations in imaging quality and delivery, and how you are impacting health in your communities. We will try to find a way to share them. {encode="cproval@imagingbiz.com" title="Cheryl Proval"}