Neonatal Brain Development Pioneer Named RSNA 2012 Outstanding Researcher
A. James Barkovich, M.D., of San Francisco, will be honored at RSNA as Outstanding Researcher for his work in neonatology, metabolic disease, medical genetics, and epilepsy, as announced in the October-November issue of RSNA News magazine. Barkovich is chief of Pediatric Neuroradiology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and is professor of radiology and biomedical imaging, neurology, pediatrics, and neurosurgery. He helped pioneer the use of MR imaging to find evidence of injury or abnormal brain development in the brains of newborns. By combining embryology, genetics, and molecular biology, he and his fellow researchers classified the steps in normal and abnormal brain development. Currently, Barkovich continues to study neonatal brain development for early detection and repair of abnormalities and brain malformation.