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 - Launch
Liftoff at last for JV many months in the making
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Apr 03, 2015 - Two independent radiology practices in New York’s Hudson Valley have finalized a plan, three years in the works, to form a joint venture and begin actively inviting other groups to climb aboard. 
 - Lannum
Got an EMR? Get an enterprise-wide ‘clinical imaging health record’
Apr 03, 2015 - At a time when 85% of physicians are viewing diagnostic images via electronic medical records, the opportunity is ripe to realize true enterprise imaging. More of those docs should be saying goodbye to walled-off image silos and hello to a centralized, always-open image depot. 
 - crossroad
Radiology goes down to the informatics crossroads
Apr 03, 2015 - Radiology helped pioneer clinical informatics over the past three decades. But by now, the new ways have become everyday operating procedures across the enterprise. The present reality offers radiology some developing opportunities—and poses some pressing questions.
 - LighteningHeart
Cardiac PET/CT strikes SPECT like radiological lightning
Apr 03, 2015 - When it comes to imaging the heart to detect coronary disease and other disorders of the ticker, cardiac PET/CT makes SPECT look silly just for trying. And that’s just on the clinical front. It’s got its economic attributes too.    
 - BleedingDollars
Go ‘e’ or keep bleeding dollars, U.S. healthcare
Apr 03, 2015 - The U.S. healthcare system stands to save $8 billion a year just by going electronic with six routine business transactions. But realizing the thrift will take an ongoing commitment by all healthcare stakeholders—providers, payers, vendors and government. 
 - 3D Heart Doc
3-D heart imaging shown to be ‘keeping its PROMISE’
Apr 03, 2015 - Doctors ordering exams on patients who show signs of heart disease really can’t go wrong if they choose high-tech computed tomographic angiography (CTA) over time-honored stress testing. 
 - Patient Satisfaction
Patients enjoy spiffy surroundings but care most about care: Johns Hopkins
Apr 03, 2015 - Hospital patients appreciate it when facilities have been prettied up for eye appeal and ambience. However, when they feel dissatisfied with the care they receive, even the nicest amenities won’t sway their overall opinion of the place. 
 - Rad Question Mark
What the heck, tech? Consumer campaign kicks off to educate rad patients
Apr 03, 2015 - It’s 2015. Do you know where your radiologist is? Most patients don’t. Nor do they know what radiologists do, exactly, or why it should matter. 
 - Newspaper
Extra, extra! Vegas newspaper bets on radiology as a good read
Apr 03, 2015 - The largest daily newspaper in Nevada has done radiology a kindness. On a Sunday in late March, the Las Vegas Review-Journal (Sunday circ: 200,000-plus), ran a feature article titled “Radiologists play a key role in modern medicine.”
 - Dave Pearson
It’s the patient, radiology
Apr 03, 2015 - Some years back, already plenty old enough that I should have known better, I injured my right thumb playing pickup football. It hurt like a sonofagun, but I thought the pain had more to do with the detached thumbnail than the bone. 
 - radiation dose
Patients want, expect more information about radiation
Apr 03, 2015 - Despite increasing concerns about ionizing medical radiation and medical imaging, as well as numerous reports in the media over the last several years on the subject, a study in the journal Radiology has found that benefit/risk discussions about ionizing radiation from...