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 - Cheryl Proval
The return of optimism?
Nov 03, 2014 - Forget about all of the work waiting for you when you get back, there are so many compelling reasons to attend an annual meeting of one of radiology’s specialty organizations. Hearing new ideas from peers and experts, shopping for technology, software or services and networking are...
 - RADPAC Legislative update
Legislative update: As Congress burrows in, ACR prepares for a busy 2015
Nov 03, 2014 - Don’t look for much to happen in Congress through the end of the year: It's an election year, and there are too many seats at stake.
RBMA launches online training resource RBMA-U
Nov 03, 2014 - Showcased at the recent Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) Fall Educational Conference in Seattle, Wash, RBMA-U is now open and accepting online enrollments. RBMA representatives at the conference were eager to talk about the new online training resource and its...
 - Cheryl Proval
RBMA: Radiology’s five-minute forecast
Nov 03, 2014 - The Radiology Business Management Association brought back its popular five-minute forecast session at the Fall Educational Conference in Seattle earlier this week.  It just may be the perfect information-delivery format for our technology-induced attention-deficit-disorder world.
 - RBMA fall meeting
RBMA throws off 8 years of reimbursement cuts to fling fish in Seattle
Nov 03, 2014 - The world-famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle and its flying fish wasn't world famous before it implemented its "extraordinary technology of being". In fact, the market was very much on the ropes and in danger of disappearing altogether.
 - partnership
CHIME Announces Partnership with KLAS Enterprises
Nov 03, 2014 - The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) recently announced a partnership with KLAS Enterprises, a research firm, to accelerate and enhance industry performance and support all stakeholders in healthcare transformation.
 - Karen DeSalvo
DeSalvo to stay involved at ONC
Nov 03, 2014 - Dr. Karen DeSalvo recently announced her departure from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to assist in the federal government's Ebola response efforts, but will continue to be involved in federal health information technology efforts as well. 
 - performance
Hard performance feedback drives productivity gains among Sutter radiologists
Nov 03, 2014 - Productivity surged without additional work hours in the medical imaging division of Sutter Health in Sacramento when radiologists received data-driven performance metrics, according to the company that supplied the data tools.
 - effective
Evidence to suggest ACA is effective
Nov 03, 2014 - Obamacare is not popular. In numerous recent polls, such as one from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 47 percent of respondents said they have an unfavorable opinion of the law, while 35 percent said they viewed it favorably. The overwhelming public reaction to the new law has been...
 - Data breach lock hard drive
Data security: Mitigating the human element
Nov 03, 2014 - “The cost of global cybercrimes now exceeds the revenue from the global drug trade,” said David Anderson of consulting firm CliftonLarsenAllen at the start of his presentation to RBMA members on information security at the RBMA Fall Educational Conference in Seattle. “Every second...
 - seattle
Sleepless in Seattle: ICD-10 on their minds
Nov 03, 2014 - As 2014 moved into its fourth and final quarter, the one-year hourglass turned on ICD-9, and no one on the exhibit floor at the Radiology Business Management Association’s 2014 Fall Educational Conference, Oct. 19–21 in Seattle, expected another reprieve.
 - Claudette Lew
Time to recharge, learn and share
Nov 03, 2014 - Three days at RBMA’s Fall Educational Conference in Seattle seemed hardly enough time to attend educational sessions, network with colleagues, share best practices and visit the exhibit hall, but attendees took advantage of every minute to discuss the topics most important to them....
 - roadmap
ONC draft interoperability roadmap calls for unprecedented cooperation
Nov 03, 2014 - If the ONC’s draft interoperability roadmap is to guide American healthcare to the intended destination — the promised land of better, less expensive care through information technology — it will need to galvanize “unprecedented collaboration” among all stakeholders. 
 - Ice Cubes
Weathering the CMS processing freeze on FDG PET: Tips and pointers
Nov 03, 2014 - Medicare’s temporary freeze on payments for certain PET scans of solid tumors, which began Oct. 6 and won’t end until Nov. 11, came as no surprise. The agency announced last spring that it needed time to test and edit this part of its claims-processing system.