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 - Cheryl Proval
Optimism: The mission-critical ingredient
Back in the heyday of the space program, in the era of Neil Armstrong and Apollo, there were tears and cheers with each milestone reached, and none was felt or heralded more widely than Armstrong’s first step on the dusty orb that is our moon.


 - Rasu  Shrestha, MD, MBA
Seeking radiology in the value aisle: Concede nothing on quality, do more with less
Sponsored by Intelerad - As a broad concept, good consumer value isn’t hard to get a handle on. Varying definitions abound, to be sure, but the phrase is widely understood as shorthand for the best you can get for the least you have to spend without sacrificing too much on quality within a given...
 - Kevin W. McEnery, MD
Mandate for imaging informatics: Build radiology’s IT value platform
Sponsored by Intelerad - Give it up, buy in and figure it out. In short, that was the message from Kevin McEnery, MD, to his fellow informaticists at the recent meeting of the SIIM, Inner Harbor, Maryland.
 - John Nance, MD
In search of the Holy Grail: Outcomes metrics
Sponsored by Intelerad - It’s no secret that healthcare in the U.S. provides comparatively poor value. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact, as costs are high relative to outcomes compared to other Western nations. What can the profession of radiology do to help reduce the former while...