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 - Nicole Hardin
Resourceful staffing strategies help Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha provide world-class radiology
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Apr 15, 2015 - Every hospital-based radiology department in the U.S. knows it needs to reduce costs while improving care—now, not later on down the road—but only the most focused and forward-looking manage to pull off the feat one day and, the next, secure its sustainability for many years to come...
 - Cheryl Proval
Radiology’s Burning Platform
Apr 15, 2015 - There’s a fire down below, and it’s not global warming
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Structured templates paired with CAD improves prostate MRI reporting
Apr 15, 2015 - Implementation of structured reporting templates and computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) tools can significantly elevate the quality of reporting for multiparametric MRI (mp-MRI), according to study results published online April 8 in...