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 - Mary Tierney
Mammography in crisis
May 19, 2015 - Mammography is making headlines again with the recently released United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) draft breast cancer screening recommendations—bookended by a humbling prediction from the National Cancer Institute that breast cancer cases could increase by 50...
 - Richard H. Wiggins, III, MD, CIIP, FSIIM
Journey to Imaging 3.0: A road paved with information technology
Sponsored by: Nuance
May 19, 2015 - As an early adopter of speech recognition technology in 2000, Richard H. Wiggins, III, MD, CIIP, FSIIM, witnessed a stunning reduction in turnaround times (TAT) at the University of Utah Health Care, Salt Lake City.
 - Jim Scheinberg, CIMA
Retirement plan tips for radiology practices
Sponsored by: North Pier
May 19, 2015 - When we began working with our first radiology clients well over 10 years ago, we assumed they would be similar to most other medical and law groups for which we had consulted.
 - Elmar A. Davé
Better breast care, unbounded by geography: That’s BelleBridge
Sponsored by: Sectra
May 19, 2015 - Breast-imaging interpretations by telemedicine? More than a few have said that it couldn’t be done—or, at least, that it couldn’t be done well.