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 - 2016 Business Forecast
CMO/CIO forecast for 2016: New breakthroughs in radiologist workflow optimization
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Dec 09, 2015 - With the possible exception of diffusion-tensor MRI for concussion in athletes, no clinical imaging procedure stands a chance of bumping information technology—with its attendant ripple effects on regulatory compliance and business performance—off radiology’s figurative front page...
 - Sruti Nataraja, MPH
Predictions for healthcare in 2016: Service is ascendant
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Dec 09, 2015 - With radiology continuing to refine its niche in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment, Sruti Nataraja, MPH, managing director at the Advisory Board Company, believes that one of the major themes coming out the past year is, “The consumer-driven health care market has arrived.”
 - Michael R. Mabry
RBMA’s Mabry: Radiology will rediscover role as doctor’s doctor
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Dec 09, 2015 - As the “volume to value” movement reshapes healthcare economics across the U.S., radiology is reminded daily that it is by no means exempt from the new and somewhat nebulous fiscal demands.