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 - Mary Tierney
Top tips on making joint ventures tip top
Apr 01, 2015 - While independence once held great value and autonomy, joint ventures (JVs) now allow radiology groups of all sizes to work smarter.
 - Bill Pickart
Prediction: The ‘JV option’ will revive many an at-risk radiology practice
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Apr 01, 2015 - Why in the world would two radiology practices competing for business in the same market consider sharing market information, revealing operational and performance data and—most counterintuitively of all—combining forces and resources in a joint venture (JV)?
 - Scott Luchs, MD
Joint venture evangelist only growing in zeal for the JV way
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Apr 01, 2015 - It’s been half a year since RadAnalytics last heard from Scott Luchs, MD, president of Ramapo Radiology Associates in New York State’s Hudson Valley.