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 - Mary Tierney (Square)
Be happier at work
Jul 09, 2015 - Finding a happy place at work may seem like mismatch—or if you are lucky, the norm. In healthcare, we strive to keep patients happy. Happy providers make happy patients. But sometimes we need some help in boosting our own happiness.
 - Bill Pickart - 2015
Affiliation is the answer to consolidation, now more than ever
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Jul 09, 2015 - We’re only halfway through the current calendar year, and already radiology practice in the U.S. has been jolted by not one but two major transactions.
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Independent radiology practice, it’s 2015. Do you know how your hospital sees you?
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Jul 09, 2015 - The question in the headline is not open-ended and philosophical. It is multiple-choice and strategic, as any given hospital or multi-hospital system now inevitably perceives its contracted radiology practices as occupying ground in one of only three possible capacities.