Outlining the Future

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The need for leadership in radiology has been understood for quite some time, but it was Cynthia Sherry, MD, who conceived of the Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) and serves as its medical director. Also chair of the Texas Health Dallas Presbyterian Hospital radiology department, she had the distinct pleasure of ushering it into being. In her introductory remarks, she acknowledged Arl Van Moore, MD, who first raised the leadership red flag when chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors, James Thrall, MD, who appointed Sherry to head a committee to address the need during his tenure, and the support of John Patti, MD and current chair Paul Ellenbogen, MD. “The ACR leadership has recognized that radiology is truly standing at the crossroads today,” Sherry began, citing the economic downturn, government intrusion into medicine, and the fact that diagnostic imaging has been uniquely targeted. Cynthia Sherry, MDReactive measures such as increased productivity will only take the profession so far, Sherry (pictured at right) notes. “The success of radiology in the future is going to depend entirely on radiology leadership preparation today. We need to learn how to more effectively articulate the value of radiology to the health care enterprise today…how to protect our own future and impact the health care system overall.” The mission of RLI is to equip radiology professionals with the skills to advance their own careers, as well as the profession overall. Here’s the lowdown on the program: As conceived, the Radiology Leadership Institute is a certificate program with five distinct levels: Level 1, Leadership Fundamentals (12 RLI credits); Level 2, Leadership Proficiency (30 RLI credits); Level 3, Advanced Leadership Proficiency (50 RLI credits); Level 4, Leadership Mastery (20 RLI credits); and Level 5, Leadership Luminary, an honor that is bestowed on leaders with proficiency. All courses will be derived from the RLI common body of knowledge, outlined in seven core areas seen as critical to the development of radiology leaders at all levels: finance and economics, ethics and professionalism, legal and regulatory, strategic planning, practice management, professional development, and service quality and safety. A total of 152 competencies critical to leadership have been identified and distributed across the seven domains. The institute will take a big tent approach to education by offering reciprocal credits through affiliates, including the Kellogg School of Management, Harvard Business Publishing, the Radiology Business Management Association, the American College of Physician Executives, the AHRA (The Association for Medical Imaging Management), and the American Association of Women Radiologists. A complete roster of upcoming RLI programs is available at radiologyleaders.com. These programs are filling fast; plan ahead.

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