The Marseillaise, Southern Style

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Way down South below the meeting rooms, a mood of revolt percolated across the exhibit floor. Maybe it was the two sets of stairs required to make the descent into the exhibits or maybe people just didn’t have any money to spend, but the level of commercial activity in the booths was nothing to write home about. Attendance did appear sparser than in the recent past, but the real surprise would have been if hadn’t been. SIIM is not immune to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Vendors, however, were looking for an advocate to emerge from organized radiology to articulate what needs to be said: radiology informatics is a very real piece of the electronic medical record, and if practices and hospitals can demonstrate meaningful use, then they should qualify for funds. SIIM, an organization for education and research, appears unwilling to be that advocate. Question: will radiology’s advocacy organization, the ACR, take a position? Or will it keep a low profile on the issue and reserve its political capital to fight DRA II? And RAP II?