Recommended Reads
Curtis PickelleThe diagnostic imaging business environment is one of the most dynamic in medicine and keeping up on all that is going on can be a challenge. We want to take some of the burden off our readers. To that end, I'm going to be trying something new for the next month. Along with my usual commentary, I'll be sharing links to news stories I believe to be interesting to executives in this field. If these Recommended Reads are popular, we may make this a permanent feature on the site. Let me know what you think.


There's a new buyer out there. Houston-based University General Health System, Inc., a multi-specialty health delivery system, will expand its acquisition plans in the South and South East to include free-standing diagnostic imaging clinics. Click here to read their release. Continuing the trend of one-stop-shop cancer centers including diagnostic imaging services, Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana, announced that it will open a new cancer center this fall, bringing all outpatient cancer services under one roof. The 6,000-square-foot, $2.1 million facility is currently under construction. Click here to read their release.

In the News

The New York Times has published a response by the ACR on its article about unnecessary double CT scanning at many hospitals. Check out the letter from John Patti, MD, chairman of the board of chancellors at the ACR. If you've ever been frustrated by a confusing array of menus and poor organization in an EMR product, you are not alone. The AMA is asking that vendors come up with a standard user interface that is easier for physicians to navigate. Click here to read the story in the Los Angeles Times.


AT&T is launching a pilot medical imaging cloud at at Baptist Health System in Alabama and Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. The images will be stored in a vendor neutral format that allows them to be opened on any PACS system. Read the story on


There's a new development in the ongoing case of Malik Juweid, M.D., and the University of Iowa. Dr. Juweid, a radiology professor, says he was discriminated and retaliated against after raising concern about radiation dosage in patients. The university is asking that the suit me dismissed because it does not accuse the university, the Department of Radiology, the Board of Regents and the university hospital of specific wrongdoing. Read the story in The Republic.


"Provide better care for less money, now!" demand legislators, payors, investors and patients. To see how other healthcare executives have met this challenge, check out "Getting It Done: Experienced Healthcare Leaders Reveal Field-Tested Strategies for Clinical and Financial Success" a book by Kenneth H. Cohn, MD, MBA, FACS, and Steven A. Fellows, FACHE, that was published this month. Purchase online for $78 from the publisher, the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Just for Fun

Ever been tempted to scan something out of pure curiosity? The American Museum of Natural History in New York opened an exhibition last week perfect for those of us as fascinated by science as we are by the business of medical imaging. Check out the video description of the exhibition Picturing Science: Museum Scientists and Imaging Technologies here.