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A New Model for Radiology Collaboration: How Rad Groups are Joining Forces to Fortify Business
Radiology’s new normal is an ongoing perfect storm of business pressures. Faced with the constant need to navigate swim-or-sink waters roiled by bundled payments, pay for performance and other models of financial risk-sharing—not to mention declining reimbursement, increased regulatory oversight...
 - Bill Pickart
As my partner Doug Smith is fond of saying, the awakening period for hospitals is upon us.
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There is little question that consolidation and integration in the health-care sector is in full force and will continue to dominate the landscape in 2014—given the markedly high level of healthcare entities merger and acquisition activity in 2013, of that we can be certain.
In the most recent issue of this publication, I spoke of an emerging business model for radiology practices that want to maintain their independence while making the best use of economies of scale: local and/or regional affiliation. As hospitals and health systems continue to consolidate under...
I have recently been writing commentaries in our various publications about the evolution of the practice model for the radiology group, especially as it relates to what radiologists need to do in order to succeed in a maturing marketplace. It is clear that a new normal exists in which revenue...