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 - Coronis Uniti, Barco
Despite working with some of the most cutting-edge technology, radiologists often get shortchanged in one specific area: reading room design. Fortunately, those looking to improve their reading environment don’t need to start a major construction project. Instead, the latest diagnostic display...
Medical Displays & Image Quality: Increasing Physician Productivity & Reducing IT Intervention
Image quality is key when it comes to making accurate diagnosis and confident clinical decisions. Learn how the importance of certain criteria such as luminance, ambient lighting and automated calibration play a crucial role in image reading accuracy. Workflow benefits include increased physician...
Radiology is on the verge of a new paradigm; color displays are ready for prime time. Color brings advantages on a number of fronts: clinical, financial, technical and physical.
The reality of the medical display world is that all liquid crystal displays (LCDs), both monochrome and color, are associated with potential quality issues. Two key quality issues are non-uniformity and spatial noise.
Until recently, medical display quality assurance (QA) options were limited to two, not-so-ideal solutions. Workstation-based QA controls calibration and centralized QA management on one local reading seat. It’s a tedious, labor-intense (and expensive) process that requires an IT staffer to...