Beyond Dashboarding: Real Analytics for the Radiology Practice

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Bill PickartWith radiology practices increasingly facing the imperative to function as businesses, dashboarding has become a favorite buzzword—but what does it really mean? It is our contention, at Integrated Medical Partners, that dashboarding is a widely misunderstood concept. A practice’s business intelligence is about much more than the visually pleasing reports output by a single information system operating as a silo. In this issue of RadAnalytics, we look at how two leading practices are positioning themselves to leverage business intelligence, drawing information from multiple disparate systems to support decision making in an uncertain health-care environment. We also look at the ideal architecture for solid analytics, which includes an array of data sources, methodology for ensuring clean data, and data presentation that uses dashboards to support customized targets. Bill Pickart is CEO of Integrated Medical Partners. He welcomes your comments at