Apple HealthKit App for Monitoring Personal Health Data

According to live reports from the Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2014, the Apple iPhone will be able to collect and analyze all of the personal health and fitness data that a consumer inputs into the phone. HealthKit is a new service that will track, record and analyze fitness levels across a variety of metrics. The new app is simply referred to as “Health” and it will work with companies like Nike to bring all of a consumer's health information into one app with the next iOS update. The new app will be customizable, using cards to identify and display various stats. Apple is also working with health providers such as the Mayo Clinic, on creating a software through which doctors and patients can interact, in real time regarding patient health data and wellness plans.

The new health app will work with the M7 chip, introduced with the iPhone 5s, which can track motion stats and enables collection of metrics. The presenters did not specify how the new app will work on older iPhone models that do not have the chip.