ASRT Takes Issue With Sword Swallower's Act

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A contestant on NBC's reality show America's Got Talent is hoping to win by using a fluoroscope system to prove his sword swallowing act is real. More than 11 million people watched 53-year-old Brad Byers swallow nine double-edged, 27-inch swords on the variety talent show while an assistant used a C-arm fluoroscope system to prove that the swords were actually entering Byers' esophagus. Along with publicity, Byers could win $1 million if he beats all the other contestants on the show. However, in the process he is exposing himself to cancer-causing radiation and creating a false impression of medical imaging in the eyes of the public, say critics including the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. "ASRT does not support using medical imaging devices for non-medical purposes and the use of a C-arm for entertainment purposes. This shows how unaware the public is of the dangers associated with medical imaging equipment. In addition, it’s a reminder that there is a need for stronger federal education and certification standards for individuals who operate this type of equipment. We will contact the producer of the program to express our concerns," the organization said in a statement shared by the Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists. Watch Byers' performance below and then let us know what you think.