drchrono’s free EHR draws investors from AngelList; raises $2.69M

In a recent announcement by drchrono Inc., the creator of a free Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform on the iPad, iPhone and cloud, the company reportedly raised an additional $2.69M in convertible debt funding from its AngelList profile. In addition to the $4.13M previously raised, the company has amassed a total of $6.77M in funding.

The goal of the drchrono free EHR is to allow doctors and patients to easily connect with one another and share critical data. With drchrono's web and mobile apps, doctors are able to leverage its EHR platform to move healthcare data between the platform and other important sources like medical devices and hospitals.

Drchrono originally created an AngelList profile to keep in touch with its existing investors, but the company began receiving inquiries from additional investors.

"drchrono is a very exciting company to watch in the mobile healthcare space," reported one investor from Runa Capital. 

Dr. James Rieger, an active physician on the drchrono platform, is also an investor. In the company’s announcement he mentioned, "I use drchrono, and it is simply amazing. I wanted to jump into this investment round since I use the medical platform day-to-day in my practice."

The company says the funding will be used to invest in the healthcare application programming interface (API), so that drchrono partners can leverage the powerful medical records, practice management and the medical billing platform. The company has 2.6-plus million patients and 60,000-plus physicians that developers can leverage. More than $480 million per year in medical billing is being processed through the healthcare platform, and drchrono founders say the platform is at critical mass and accelerating.

"Our goal has always been to fix the existing healthcare system," said Michael Nusimow, cofounder and CEO. "With 2.6 million patients and over 60,000 physicians signed up on the drchrono platform, we have realized that drchrono is more than just 'an app,' and we are committed to ensuring that doctors have an all-inclusive platform to start a practice on, from using point of care tools with patients to processing medical claims."