EHR Usage On the Rise

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Electronic health record (EHR) adoption in physicians’ offices across the U.S. is on a slow, but steady uptick, according to survey results released last month by health care marketing solutions firm SK&UA. The study shows that an increasing number of mid-sized and large practices are jumping on the EHR software implementation bandwagon. Overall, deployment of software in this category is up by nearly 2% since October 2010, with 40.4% of respondents, up from 38.7% of respondents, indicating that they now utilize EHR technololgy. Increases in EHR software usage are most marked among offices with three to five physicians, the survey shows, with 51% of such facilities now using EHR systems versus 47% last October. Nearly one-third (30.8%) of single-physician sites covered in the survey have adopted EHRs, up from 29% in October. Sites with 26 or more physicians increased EHR usage from 72.8% to 75.5%.More than 237,000 physician sites were surveyed, according to SK&A. To read the report, click here: