eRAD Integrates Mammography Image Enhancement Tool
eRAD, Inc., a division of RadNet, Inc. that offers standards-based, web-centric image management solutions, has formed an agreement with Advanced Image Enhancement, Inc. (AIE) to integrate the AIE image enhancement toolkit for mammography as an advanced image processing option to the eRAD PACS viewer (for mammography).   AIE's image enhancement software uses signal processing technology originally developed for by Navy researchers for underwater mine detection to enable physicians to extract more information from medical images. This is particularly helpful in mammography studies on women with dense breast tissue, one multi-hospital study found. For AIE, the agreement with eRad provides further validation that AIE’s technology -- which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2006 -- can be integrated into existing technology platforms, and helps AIE get its product in front of many more radiologists and other clinical users. For eRAD, it is an opportunity to enhance the functionality of their eRAD PACS viewer for mammography at a time when the public’s attention if focused on improving accuracy in breast cancer detection, particularly among women with dense breast tissue. "Providing technological advances that help physicians serve their patients is a priority at eRAD," states Ranjan Jayanathan, eRAD's general manager, in the press release. "AIE's technology integrates well with eRAD's workstations, allowing our users the ability to screen and diagnose patient's mammograms with the highest degree of proficiency."