Fujifilm Introduces FDR D-EVO Suite II

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FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. announced the latest addition to its family of DR products, the FDR D-EVO Suite II. It is a cost effective, flexible, DR room solution designed to optimize workflow while utilizing any of Fujifilm’s popular FDR D-EVO portable detectors. The FDR D-EVO Suite II comes equipped with new automation and display features on the tube head, which includes a convenient touchscreen for system adjustments traditionally found at the generator console. The system’s workflow enhancements also provide benefits in areas where speed during the exam is critical. Any of Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO detectors, including the 17x17 model, can be used interchangeably with the FDR D-EVO Suite II. By providing access to the 17x17 detector, the new system offers a full field of view that was traditionally only available with high-end, fixed detector systems, Fujifilm claims. The lightweight wireless FDR D-EVO panels allow clinicians to mix, match and share sizes and capture-types throughout the radiology department, including other rooms and portables. The release of the FDR D-EVO Suite II comes on the heels of the company’s recent No. 1 ranking as the highest score overall for medical equipment vendor – "Best in KLAS" – in the “2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Medical Equipment & Infrastructure” report.