Leading Benefits Management Company Applauds President’s Budget
Marking a stark contrast to the position of the several radiology groups, MedSolutions – a benefit management company – has come out in favor of the President’s proposed budget for its cuts to medical imaging. The budget drew criticism from the American College of Radiology and others for the proposed $820 million in reductions over 10 years to advanced imaging along with pre-authorization for PET, CT and MRI. As a benefits management company, MedSolutions stands to benefit from such requirements. The company said prior authorization for advanced imaging could save taxpayers as much as $24 billion over 10 years and “protect patients from needless, potentially harmful radiation,” based on a company press release. "We're pleased to see the growing support for prior authorization from the White House and beyond," said Curt Thorne, president and chief executive officer for MedSolutions, based on the release. "The leadership at the federal level is embracing what their peers at commercial health plans and state Medicaid systems have known for many years -- these programs produce significant cost savings while improving the care patients receive by assuring they avoid unneeded and potentially harmful tests." The ACR said in a statement the cuts would lead to limited access. “Any form of limited access to advanced diagnostic imaging runs counter to our national goal of a healthier population. We therefore call on Congress to reject these budget proposals for the bad policy that they are,” said John A. Patti, MD, FACR, chair of the American College of Radiology Board of Chancellors, based on a press release. Read our previous coverage here.