lifeIMAGE Launching CLoud Service for Automated Delivery of Results for Medical Imaging Tests

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lifeIMAGE announced that its lifeIMAGE OutBox service will use a newly developed publishing engine to help hospitals and imaging providers securely and automatically share results of imaging exams in the cloud. OutBox is a cloud-based service in use by major health systems who use it to distribute results to outside physicians and patients. According to lifeIMAGE, the service delivers results faster, more reliably and less expensively than the current practice of using CDs, web portals, VPNs, or point-to-point connections. The network allows physicians or patients who receive results to further share the information with others, even those who don’t have a lifeIMAGE account. Secure access to the network requires no more than a PC, a Mac, or an iPad and an Internet connection. The new publishing engine technology allows system administrators at high-volume imaging providers to define distribution rules based on individual or clinical preferences. OutBox users also benefit from a set of management tools called lifeIMAGE Analytics, which are presented in an easy-to-read dashboard. The lifeIMAGE network also tracks usage and status in a manner very similar to the overnight delivery industry. “Automating the distribution of results in the cloud is a major step towards connecting existing silos of imaging information to a smart network of designated users, regardless of their location,” said Hamid Tabatabaie, CEO of lifeIMAGE in the press release. Hamid added, “Definable rules and automated delivery combined with analytics give our customers the control and the network the intelligence to know who is supposed to have access to which information and under what circumstances.” For the full press release, click here.