Medical Center, NJ Radiology Group Train Chinese Doctors in Interventional Techniques
CentraState Medical Center just finished a week-long training program for physicians from China on comprehensive imaging and interventional techniques for diagnosing breast cancer. The group trained with Ken Tomkovich, MD, medical director of Interventional Radiology at CentraState and with the Freehold Radiology Group in New Jersey. "This program is an incredible opportunity to bring such comprehensive breast cancer diagnosing techniques to other areas of the world, which can ultimately save more lives," said Dr. Tomkovich, in a press release. The program included training on ultrasound guided breast biopsy and stereotactic needle biopsy. Dr. Tomkovich came to the attention of the medical community in China through his publications on breast imaging and interventions. One of the first comprehensive women's centers in China to offer breast medical imaging and interventional procedures was developed as a result of Dr. Tomkovich's published work, according to the press release. The group of Chinese physicians was led by Gao-Jun Teng, MD, PhD, dean of the Medical School of Southeast University in Nanjing, and professor of Radiology and chair, Department of Radiology, Zhong-Da Hospital of Southeast University. "We are faced with an increase of breast cancer in China and learning and using these techniques will have far reaching benefits to the health of our population. We hope to develop programs in China similar to the program here to help other physicians learn how to diagnose and treat this disease," Dr. Teng said. More physicians from China are planning to train at CentraState over the next few years. The training program at CentraState is funded by a grant through CentraState Healthcare Foundation and sponsorships by Zonare Medical Systems, Scion Medical Technologies, Hologic and the CentraState Associated Auxiliaries.