MITA Responds to Lancet Study, Emphasizes Strengthened Standards
A Lancet study about the long-term cancer risks associated with CT scans for pediatric patients continues to draw reactions from the imaging world. MITA issued a statement today that criticized the limited nature of the risk presented in its ten-year follow-up findings—one excess case of leukemia and one excess case of brain tumor in 10,000 head CT scans among children younger than ten years. The organization also pointed out that in the time since the study was conducted, improvements in medical technology and practice techniques yield better health outcomes, catching problems earlier, therefore reducing long-term costs and saving lives. “Bottom line: all medical procedures include some degree of potential risk,” a statement from the group read. “All patients and their advocates should discuss risks and benefits with their physician before undergoing any procedure. Just a day earlier, MITA announced that it had received the FDA Leveraging Collaborative Award “for developing a collaborative network aimed at reducing unnecessary radiation exposure from imaging exams to pediatric patients.” Among the group’s efforts towards dose reduction are initiatives like the CT Dose Check Standard, Readiness Check Standard, as well as its participation in Image Wisely and Image Gently.