MMP Turns 20

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Founded in 1993, Atlanta-based MMP has grown to become a leading billing and practice management firm serving more than 4,000 physicians across more than 60 offices. Mark Talley, MMP co-founder and chief operating officer credits the company’s core value of partnership with clients as the underpinning for the company’s two decades of growth in a rapidly changing field. “Since the beginning of the company, client service has been in our DNA. As things have evolved through the years so has the delivery of that service, but the core value has remained the same,” he stated in a press release announcing the 20-year anniversary of the company’s founding. “MMP’s clients view MMP as a partner and not just a vendor. We strive to maintain that relationship and never take for granted our role in support of our clients’ business needs to better enable the clients to focus on the patients’ needs.” Going forward, it is this value that will allow MMP to continue to succeed in a health care business environment undergoing large-scale changes predicted Darrell Hulsey, co-founder, president and CEO of MMP in the same press release. “The challenges and opportunities before MMP and our clients have never been greater, and it is a true honor to lead MMP into its next decade of exceptional service,” he stated.