Neiman Institute Calls for Proposals for Research Funding
The Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute is currently accepting proposals for research grants in medical imaging, particularly in how it fits into the new health care landscape. The institute highlighted four key areas of interest: value of imaging, alternative health care models, imaging and quality, and economies of practice. These four areas deal with the prevailing trend of more efficient, value-based care, with focus on improved outcomes and lowered costs. With the shift from fee-for-service to value-based payment models and the rise of accountable care organizations, research on how imaging can fit into a new health care environment will prove valuable to the field of radiology. “While we have highlighted these specific areas of interest, we encourage and may support any proposal that addresses an important issue related to medical imaging and the practice of radiology. We welcome qualified applicants from a variety of disciplines. Clinical practitioners interested in pursuing health services research and junior non-clinical researchers are especially encouraged to apply,” said Richard Duszak, MD, chief executive officer and senior research fellow of the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute, in the press release. The Neiman Institute sponsors research to provide the case for true, evidence-based medical imaging and health care policy.