Obamacare Not Worth It for Many Americans

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An article posted on the Fox Business website reports that for more than half of Americans, Obamacare isn't worth it. Bankrate.com, a personal finance site, found that more than 7 in 10 people surveyed say the Affordable Care Act has not been worth it, and 43% of the country says President Obama’s signature legislation has had a mostly negative impact on the country. Twenty-one percent report it hasn’t had much of an impact at all, despite the fact that the US is at it's lowest uninsured rate in many years.  Currently, more than 8 million Americans have enrolled in coverage through the state and federal health insurance exchanges. Open enrollment for 2015 will begin in November. 

Doug Whiteman, Bankrate's insurance analyst, says the Affordable Care Act has yet to recover from the botched rollout last fall. Whiteman also pointed out that nearly one-third (28%) of Americans surveyed said the law has had a positive impact, and he points out that the vast majority of the citizens still get their insurance coverage from their employers, which is why so many may feel it has not been positive.