Samsung-designed Ultrasound Unit Makes Its Debut

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Consumer electronics giant Samsung Electronics America, Inc, introduced its first medical imaging product featuring Samsung technology and design at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine’s annual convention in New York City this week. Onboard the UGEO H60—FDA approved last September and the first product featuring Samsung electronics and design since the company acquired Medison— are SDMR, a proprietary image-processing technology for sharper 2D images, and S-Flow, which enables micro-vessels to appear in high resolution, according to a press release. The unit features an 18.5-in LED-backlit monitor that incorporates the company’s touch-screen display technology featured in its Galaxy Tab 10.1 smart phone. Fetal Realistic View, an improved 3D/4D image-rendering software package for the company’s Accuvix A30 ultrasound system, also wasintroduced this week at the AIUM meeting. “The Samsung UGEO H60 and FRV™ are just the latest examples of our global commitment to introducing increased innovation to the health-care market through our health and medical business unit,” Tod Pike, senior VP, Samsung Electronics America’s Enterprise Business Division, said in a press release. “We are keen to demonstrate how the integration of Samsung technology into our lineup of medical ultrasound and imaging products can help enhance the quality of care and transform both the patient and provider experience.”