Siemens Magnetom Spectra 3T MRI Receives FDA Clearance

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Siemens Healthcare announced that the MAGNETOM Spectra 3 Tesla MRI system has received clearance from the FDA. The MAGNETOM Spectra system offers premium imaging at a competitive price, providing hospitals and radiological institutes with easier access to 3T technology. The MAGNETOM Spectra system employs Tim (Total imaging matrix) 4G technology, Siemens’ latest coil generation. The modern array structure allows for high spatial and temporal resolution, along with high-quality signal-to-noise ratio, for better image quality. Until now, images of similar quality could be produced only by high-end 3T systems, according to Siemens. The MAGNETOM Spectra system consumes less energy than other 3T scanners. The magnet-cooling helium is contained in a closed loop, preventing the gas from escaping and reducing the need for costly refills. The MAGNETOM Spectra simplifies the MRI examination process with cableless direct-connect coils that are easy to set up. Up to 120 coil elements are capable of being combined in a flexible manner. Scans with large anatomical coverage up to whole-body scans (205 cm, or 80.71 inches) can be performed in one examination without patient or coil repositioning. To reduce exam complexity, the MAGNETOM Spectra is equipped with Siemens' MRI workflow solution Dot (Day optimizing throughput), which selects the best scan strategy based on the patient's condition and the clinical indication. Users benefit from step-by-step guidance throughout the examination, receiving decision-making assistance at critical junctures to support consistent, reproducible scanning across patients.