Steven Beumel, Mayo Clinic Rad Tech, Guilty of Hep C Tampering
In the six years he was employed by the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, radiology technician Steven Beumel swapped out Fentanyl for saline laced with Hepatitis C at least five times. Today, the 48-year-old man pled guilty to charges of tampering and theft by deception. One man died as a result of his actions, never knowing how he'd contracted the illness. It took three years for a group of Mayo Clinic epidemiologists and CDC and state health officials to tie him to the crime. Beumel has been in FBI custody for nearly one year. As noted in a press release from that agency, the plainspoken details of his confession underscore the panic they instilled in one of the premiere healthcare brands in the country. Small consolation, but a 2010 article from the Jacksonville Business Journal praises the hospital for its approach to managing the crisis.