Swearingen Vows RIS Is ICD-10 Ready, Are You?

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Swearingen Software, Inc, Houston Texas, vendor of one of radiology’s last remaining standalone RIS solutions, has announced that its RISynergy is ICD-10 ready. The RIS vendor attested to readiness via VitalVendors online self-reporting system, managed by VitalWare in conjunction with the HIMSS® ICD-10 PlayBook, a web site created by more than 30 health-care industry stakeholders to help hospitals, providers, and ambulatory care centers and their staff to transition to ICD-10 by the October 2014 deadline. “Swearingen Software is working hard to ensure that our customers have everything they need to attain compliance for the ICD-10 change,” said Randall Swearingen, president and CEO of Swearingen Software. “We know that with all of the new regulations across the health care industry it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest set of regulations. We are pleased to be listed on the HIMSS ICD-10 Playbook with a Level 7 readiness, which is the highest achievable level.” For more information, visit the Swearingen web site.