Tandem Radiology Plans to Fight vRad Suit

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Scottsdale, Ariz-based Tandem Radiology LLC, is being sued by Virtual Radiologic Corporation (vRad) and NightHawk Radiology Services LLC in federal court for infringing on vRad /NightHawk patents and trade secrets. In Tandem’s response to vRad’s suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, the company says its teleradiology technology platform was developed “from scratch” starting in July 2011 and Tandem bore all the cost of original research and development for its teleradiology system. The other companies named in the suit are Tandem’s customers Direct Radiology and Imaging Advantage. Direct Radiology has also issued a statement saying it will fight the suit. The case is number 2:13-cv-01705-DKD and it covers five patents held by vRad (‘634, ‘593, ‘503, ‘481, and ‘778 patents) that relate to automated teleradiolgy study assignment, automated order creation and teleradiolgy image processing. In the lawsuit, vRad is seeking a court order to force the defendants to stop marketing, selling and using systems with technology that infringes on vRad patents. In addition, vRad is seeking monetary damages. Tandem has countered by filing a motion asking the Court to dismiss the claims of the vRad and NightHawk suit in their entirety and declare that each of the claims of the ‘634, ‘593, ‘503, ‘481, and ‘778 patents asserted by vRad and NightHawk against Tandem and the individuals named in the suit are invalid and/or not infringed. “Tandem plans to vigorously defend itself in court and will continue to provide its customers the same high level of service they have enjoyed in the past,” the company stated in a press release.