TeraMedica Mobile-enables VNA Product

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Vendor-neutral archive provider TeraMedica, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will introduce Evercore® Connext Mobile at the upcoming 2013 HIMSS conference, enabling point-of-care data capture and archiving via an iPad or iPhone. Using an i-device, providers can acquire photos, videos, sound files, and notes, which are automatically archived directly to a hospital’s Evercore VNA. The Connext Mobile process is launched by selecting a patient from the worklist-driven application and creating a folder that is associated with the patient context or visit. All captured data is then automatically stored to the appropriate patient folder to be viewed from within the EMR. “Many healthcare facilities have real problems handling this type of non-standard data acquired on-the-fly,” TeraMedica product manager Nathan Gurgel said in a press release. More information here.