Virtual Radiologic Launches Breast Imaging Solutions Delivery Program

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imageVirtual Radiologic (vRad), a technology-enabled national radiology practice whose 325 radiologists serve 2,700-plus facilities and read seven million studies annually, earlier this week announced the launch of a breast imaging solutions delivery program it says will expand access to “the highest-quality interpretations” from fellowship-trained subspecialists across the U.S. Arlene Sussman, MD, vRad’s director of breast imaging, claims the program will advance early detection by combining such access with technology that routes images quickly and efficiently while enabling communications among the provider’s subspecialists, onsite radiologists, and referring physicians. "All practices and their hospital and clinic partners can benefit from access to full-service support from highly trained specialists in this field," Sussman says. However, she notes, it will be especially advantageous for small and mid-size radiology practices whose patient volume does not justify employing a breast imaging specialist. Larger practices with subspecialists on staff can use the program for overflow and staffing coverage, Sussman adds. As a result of the recent conversion of 74% of the nation's mammography units from screen film mammography to full field digital mammography, vRad is now able to partner with local radiology practices in remote areas, allowing nearly instantaneous transfer of mammography scans from anywhere in the country. After clients' scanning and information systems are connected to vRad's technology platform, mammography studies and patient information can be quickly and automatically routed to the fellowship-trained breast imagers. Moreover, leveraging MagView® structured reporting system, vRad facilitates direct communication between its radiologists and remote technologists about the magnified views critical in providing the most accurate breast cancer detection. The provider’s technology platform also enables radiology practices and their clients to have real-time communication with subspecialists, further enabling fully integrated alignment and interdisciplinary collaboration.