Wireless Devices Pique Consumer Interest on Health Care Front

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The wireless device revolution is impacting the health care space: Patients are exhibiting a marked interest in communicating with their physicians via such devices, according to a new study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® . Of consumers participating in the study, 36% said they are interested using a wireless device to transmit health data to their doctor. Thirty-three percent are interested in online management of their health records, and 32% would allow their doctor to consult with them using online video. What's more, statistics underscore growth in the mobile device market. comScore says its July 2011 US smartphone audience reached 82.2 million people, while a Pew Internet Project survey conducted this past May revealed that 35% of US adults own a smartphone. According to technology research firm Gartner, smartphones accounted for 297 million (19%) of the 1.6 billion mobile phones sold in 2010, representing 72.1% more smartphone sales last year than in 2009. The Coda Research Consultancy predicts that global smartphone sales will total 2.5 billion between 2010 and 2015, and Morgan Stanley Research forecasts that sales of smartphones will surpass sales of PCs in 2012. Physicians might seriously consider preparing to help patients in selecting from among health technology devices. New technologies change the way we communicate with our doctors, and consumers are seeking mobile apps that cut down on the need for appointments, reduce costs and increase efficiency," said Ben Arnold, senior research analyst at CEA. "Doctors play a major role in educating consumers about technology, as more than half” of study participants said they “consult their healthcare provider for information on health technology devices”. CEA members can access the site here: http://spmembers.ce.org/Login/Pages/default.aspx