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Seizing the moment: How to set the stage for imaging practice growth

As reimbursement challenges grow for outpatient imaging, many practices are struggling to remain afloat. However, with the right technology, it’s very possible to stay ahead of the curve.

MIPS packs positive—and potentially negative—punch for radiology

April 16, 2015, marked the beginning of a seismic shift in the healthcare landscape. On that day, the U.S. Senate passed H.R. 2, the MACRA, which repeals the SGR formula, extends the CHIP for two years, institutes a 0.5% increase in Medicare reimbursement over the next four and a half years and encourages physicians to transition to APMs.

Merge imaging solutions help one practice establish lean, mean radiology process

Radiology has been hit hard by reimbursement cuts and regulations but the cutting-edge tools available are helping practices stay ahead of all the changes impacting the market.

Medicare Overpayment Refunds in the Spotlight

The practice has identified a billing error or a compliance problem impacting Medicare coverage that resulted in the practice having received an overpayment from Medicare.

Effects of the Most Recent Reimbursement Cuts to Diagnostic Imaging

The ever changing landscape of outpatient diagnostic imaging is compelling operators to have a keen understanding of market conditions in order to appropriately assess the potential return on investment on capital investments to upgrade or replace major imaging equipment. 

The Knowns and the Unknowns

What do we really know? As former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once said: “We know there are known knowns; there are things we know we know.

Getting Down to Business

Healthcare providers are rolling up their sleeves even further and getting down to the business of healthcare. With the final CMS reimbursement decisions made last month and open enrollment in the health insurance exchanges (HIEs) and Medicaid closing next month, there are new data impacting radiology practices. For sure, lower contracted rates from payors and lower reimbursement are on the way—for an extremely large patient population. Radiology departments and practices need to revisit the efficiency of their operations.

Imaging Reimbursement: What We Knew Then and What We Know Now

As anyone who has been around medical imaging for any amount of time can tell you, the latest headwind is the same as it’s seemingly always been: reimbursement cuts.