With numerous references to cloud computing in the session rooms and ever more vendors offering a cloud option at SIIM 2012, I couldn't help wondering what it would take to push customers into the cloud.Then I had a personal epiphany on the subject: Often, it, takes a catastrophe. I used three different devices to gather and shape content on this excursion--tablet for notes and blogging, phone for photos, laptop for editing magazine layouts and airplane writing--moving among devices to do different tasks, sometimes emailing information gathered on one device to another device. If my data was stored in the cloud when my iPhone died (major inconvenience) on Saturday, I could have sent all of the photos I gathered on Day 2 to our Facebook-keeper Thanh Le from the cloud rather than wonder if the data could be recovered when I finally get close enough to an Apple store to replace the phone. Convenience, disaster recovery, the need to share information, and a demand for mobile workflow will all be factors in the transition when it comes. And it is coming.